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say to each other, man. >> reporter: no word yet on whether or not chris culliver will have any disciplinary action from the team or the league. everybody is getting into the super bowl spirit including some of the airlines. cbs 5 reporter john ramos says some carriers are making special trips to super bowl xlvii. >> reporter: it's travel day for a lot of 9er fans at san francisco international and it wasn't hard to spot them. they added color to the place. >> a lot of excitement. it's about time. we're ready to go. >> very long time, 18 years and this is our time. this is our year, this is our moment. this is it. >> reporter: to accommodate fans, airlines like southwest have added nonstop flights to the big easy. many of the people who left today couldn't afford to take the whole week off of work. but richard hudson figured a way around that. >> i'm playing hooky with my boss who is coming with me. my wife by the way. he says he is supposed to be work, boss. >> yes, he is. >> reporter: everyone was in a
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good mood but you can't beat this bunch. >> one, two, three. >> kaepernick. >> i was born out my mom womb i came out with a football in my hand, 49ers, let's go, let's do it. >> reporter: some people wear 9ers gear but rob ross has actually become 9ers gear. >> 9ers, baby! let's go. >> reporter: the girls are from new orleans. they are coming along as tour guides even if they are saints fans. >> can 9ers fans party like saints fans? >> they're learning from the best, i'll tell you that. >> i imagine you're going to teach them this week? >> we're gonna teach them. >> reporter: it doesn't seem like that will be much of a challenge. >> who's got it better than us? >> nobody! let's go. >> reporter: at san francisco international airport, john ramos, cbs 5. >> reporter: check this out. the super bowl roman numerals finally arrived today and they came by barge. true story. the official numbers traveled up the mississippi river, will be docked at a stretch of
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waterfront designated as a super bowl boulevard through sunday. the numbers stand 30 feet high and 100 feet wide. and speaking of super bowl boulevard, it's really just one long stretch of musical venues and acts. it's a four-day festival on four stages with food, drink, live tv broadcast, lots of other offerings. brass bands, dixieland, zydeco, blues, jazz. if it's a new orleans sound it's probably playing here. the boulevard is free open to the public. now, the one thing that you find when you have covered as many super bowls as we have been able to go to, everybody has a press conference. doesn't matter who you are. you are going to get a press conference today. beyonce had hers. now, of course, she is going to be at the super bowl performing, pop star will perform at the halftime show on sun. that means both coaching staffs may have a hard time keeping their teams in the locker room.
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>> i'll be out there. backup dancers. >> i'm a single lady i'm a single lady i'm a single lady ♪ [ laughter ] >> if coach would allow me to go and watch the halftime show like i'm wanting to, you know, see those beyonce dancers, you know, it would be fun. >> reporter: now, beyonce did admit she lip-synched at the inauguration but will perform live sunday at the super bowl. and ken and liz, i will be holding a press conference in about five minutes to announce that the live on new orleans on bourbon street tonight at 7:30. >> yeah. yeah. yeah. you know, buddy, friday and saturday nights, the big party nights before super bowl sunday. tonight's thursday. i expect you in the sack early. >> reporter: i will be at the fermin cowboy 7:30 check it out live ken. >> troublemaker. [ laughter ] >> dennis o'donnell in new orleans, thank you. of course, by now you know
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we are your super bowl station. watch the 49ers play the ravens this sunday february 3rd kickoff at 3:30, the game will be followed by cbs post-game show. potato chips are on mow and a special episode of "elementary" followed by our cbs 5 super bowl coverage. and we'll have live reports from new orleans every day in our newscast 5, 6, 10 and 11, and on our morning shows, as well. dennis is with vern and michelle in the big easy. mike sugerman wil join us in a few minutes on the road to names. new at 6:00 they say you can't please everyone all the time. and when it comes to real estate, that old expression hits home. juliette goodrich tells us the hothousing market has created a seller's paradise, bad news for buyers. >> reporter: in the past, you could really find a for sale sign when you drive around in any neighborhood in the bay area. but now times have changed.
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they are really far and few between. inventory is low, demand is high. and according to real estate agencies, you better have cash to secure a house right now. when edwin put his san ramon home on the market it was a seller's dream. >> i was surprised to see it sell that fast. >> reporter: he took his family on vacation and returned home to multiple offers and a home sold. >> so we had a good deal and we made money on the house. >> reporter: he and his family are moving to texas where everything is bigger -- and cheaper. but for ruth, it's been a home buyer's heartache. how many offers have you made on the house? >> i think 7 or 8. i'm not sure exactly. >> reporter: just last weekend -- >> 17, 18 other families looking at that house. they all came out, got right on the cell phone to the realtor. and my husband goes, just bid. so we bid like $25,000 over, i think? and the winning bid got $66,000 over. >> reporter: they relocated from seattle to the bay area for her husband's job.
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they have been living in an apartment for 10 months with their two teenagers. >> my husband says i'm not going to go into mortgage debt and eat pancakes every night just so we can have a house. >> i think cash is king. >> reporter: the bay east realtors association says inventory is low. homeowners waiting to sell until the market recovers a bit for the highest return. >> i was talking to another agent who wrote on a property 50 offers and 46 of them were cash. so then you have to figure out who is going to pay the most money to get it? >> reporter: there is no question the housing market is hot. dozens of cities are registering double-digit increases in home prices some up nearly 40% in the 4th quarter. a key force behind real estate demand in the bay area, the economy building and more people finding jobs. and while edwin is moving out of the state, ruthie hopes one day to call the bay area one day home sweet home. >> we have to let it go and see
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where things lie. >> reporter: you will recall in 2005 the housing market was on fire. people would send letters and videos to try to obtain a house. and also have their offers on the table. it's not quite like that yet, liz. but it's getting there with the multiple offers and the difference now is that home buyers had that solid cash offer right now which actually is a good thing to build that equity as you get your foot in the door. >> the competition is so high it makes it hard. >> reporter: absolutely. >> thank you. bay area headlines tonight in san jose, three home invasion suspects appeared in court. the teenagers are accused of breaking into a house in almaden valley last week tying up an elderly couple with duct tape of police say they took electronics, credit cards, cash and cars. they also are suspected in other armed robberies this month. in sunnyvale medical exercise are trying to identify a woman killed in a mobile home fire. that fire broke out last night at the plaza del rey complex.
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fire investigators say the cause does not appear suspicious. for the second time, mistrial in the case of a former police lab technician in san francisco. 62-year-old deborah madden faced a federal charge of taking small amounts of drug evidence from the lab in 2009. similar to madden's first trial in october, the jurors could not reach a verdict. taggers leaving their mark practically everywhere you look. coming up, we ask why one bay area city seems to be suffering its worst graffiti epidemic fa decade. >> a rare airshow over the bay area today. why this special nasa aircraft took to the skies above us. >> we all know that january ended on a very dry note dry for the month. how does february shape up? and how about this? we have a little bit of light in the sky at 10 minutes after 6:00. your forecast right on through super bowl sunday coming up. >> i just want to say, go 9ers
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all the way. super bowl bound. >> san francisco, city of champions! >> go 9ers!
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graffiti in the last decade. tagging on freeways, bridges, and wall san jose seems to be having its worst epidemic of graffiti in the last decade tagging on freeways, bridges and walls exploding. san jose used to have officers investigating graffiti crimes full time. but cbs 5 reporter mark sayre says the city can't afford that anymore. mark. >> reporter: well, elizabeth, graffiti of course a problem in any big city. san jose no exception. but in a time that the city itself is working to quickly paint over graffiti problems like this, the police department has lost important resources to investigate these crimes. drive along highway 101 between interstate 880 and alum rock and it's hard to miss the
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graffiti problem as you can see from chopper 5, taggers have nearly covered a railroad overpass and sound walls on both sides of the freeway. for resident vin win, it is an eyesore. >> i don't like it. makes the neighborhood look ghetto i would say, you know,. >> reporter: while numbers to are hard to come by san jose police say anecdotal evidence suggests that graffiti tagging is on the rise. not only along the freeways but in neighborhoods, as well. >> they would look at trends. they would do outreach in the community. >> reporter: police spokesman albert morales says the department's graffiti task force was eliminated as part of the recent budget cuts. two officers ran intelligence and surveillance operations and made arrests. >> i think most of us look at some graffiti on the wall and trying to figure out, hey, what does that say? these guys were able to look at it and say i know who that guy is, i know what they're tagging, what part of the city they are responsible for.
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>> reporter: but the city is fighting back. meet julio bonilla. he is a city contractor who responds to reports of graffiti sent in by residents by phone, email and even smartphone app. bonilla says there is no shortage of work. >> it changes. sometimes slows down, sometimes a lot of graffiti. i don't know how to explain that. >> reporter: and city officials say getting to graffiti quickly helps prevent the problem from getting even worse. >> and so the minute they throw it up, we want to get on top of it. i want to see how many cans he has and we'll keep painting it and painting it. so yeah, there is that psychological angle of not leaving it up so that the person reaps the rewards of the fame. >> reporter: now, as for the stretch of highway 101, that takes a combination of caltrans and also union pacific to get that cleaned up. the city says it is working with both of those agencies to try to make some quick work of that. it is definitely an eyesore out there, liz. no question about that.
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back to you. >> quite a battle. >> thank you. nasa taking to bay area skies to find out what is in the skies above us. several aircraft including one from moffett field took off today to collect data on air quality. it was flying low over pollution hot spots like interstate 680. it will also study wind current to help predict where the dirty air is coming from and where it's going. >> probably got perfect air today. it was absolutely gorgeous outside. >> really nice outside. often when you get a high pressure dome literally pushes down on the atmosphere that's when the pollution can get trapped so air quality not the best but it was a nice day to get out. hope you enjoyed it because not everyone in the country is enjoying mid-60s and sunshine. there's a lot of spots that can't get to 36 let alone 6. the gorgeous bay bridge viewed from the top of cbs 5, how about santa cruz? 71 degrees today. redwood city high 69. oakland 66. fremont 65.
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our inland locations lagged behind a bit but still last day of january 63 degrees not so bad. here's the not so good part of this. we need the rainfall in the winter to supply us in the summer. we didn't put much in the bank over the past month. san francisco 4" below average, san jose 2.25" below average same in livermore. we are dry in january. no change through the first week or so of february. this is atmospheric water content. water vapor you see the white that's typically where we get rainfall because we have a lot of moisture where you see the dark we are just bone dry. that's what's going on over northern california. so the catalyst for that is a big area of high pressure. there's a lot of moisture on the periphery of it all the way around the edge of the system here but high pressure not moving deflecting all of the moisture all the rain all the cloud cover away from us. so until it moves, it's decided it's not going to through the weekend we'll stay mainly dry mainly sunny and darn we're stuck in the low to mid-60s for highs. so several more dry days. if anything it will be a week from now before we see any
6:16 pm
arena here in the bay area. clear nights, yes, sunny afternoons, yes. mild through monday, that includes super bowl sunday, chances are you're going to go to a friend's house or family member's house. it's going to be a beautiful day outside. late next week, we do see the pattern change. several days off though before we see any rainfall. highs tomorrow in the city 63. livermore 64. maybe consider lunch outside tomorrow in san jose with a high of 67. pacifica 64. concord 63. livermore tomorrow 64 degrees. weekend super bowl weekend lest i remind you, we are the official station of the super bowl, mid-60s with sunshine monday, mid- to upper 60s. next week cooler and clear why you but no widespread rainfall until next thursday at the earliest so if you are looking for the rain, get on a plane and go somewhere else because i don't see it. this is a very dry pattern. >> we'll enjoy it. >> mid-60s and sunshine. darn, we're stuck. we'll deal with it. [ laughter ] here's some of the 49ers
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pictures you sent to us. these are the students at saint francis of assisi school in concord cheering on their home team. >> wow. >> these are bay area ex-pats in southern california. sarah mull-sent us this picture. she used to live in sunnyvale and san francisco. now she's cheering on the 49ers in l.a. >> and here are ee like. >> and jasmine wade of san francisco, elijah and jasmine flexing their muscles for the camera. >> this picture from now radio the fernando and greg in the morning team. we don't know who they all are but they are joined by the producer jason and assistant producer shawn. >> they have so much fun. we would like to see your super bowl photos. email us at or upload your photos to our website, i'm mike sugerman on the side of the road to the dome.
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getting my kicks on route 66. the story's coming up. will sunday's game be the fine of alex smith in a 49ers uniform? the former number one pick knows it is in the hands of the front office. >> they're going to do what's best for the team. i don't know what that is. you know? so i don't think there's any necessarily right thing to do.we'll see. i don't know what the options are. >> if smith remains a 49er he will be the nfl's highest paid backup. at the super bowl, i'm dennis o'donnell.
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but tonight, he's inching his way ever closer to new orleans. what's that songs, the tough road to the dome for cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman but tonight he is inching his way
6:21 pm
even closer to new orleans. he is now within 500 miles somewhere east of dallas. an mike, there's a big san francisco connection to that tiny town you just found. >> you know you're right. i pulled off the side of the road on route 20 because i saw a sign for minute yell la, texas. mineola. i think i in that. that's the hometown of former mayor willie brown so here i am at a truck stop in mineola. i'll try to find out what it's like in town and see why he left. i think i got a pretty good idea. anyway, highway 20 is where i am now. most of the trip my wife janice and i were on a somewhat iconic highway. let mow show you what that was about. >> so where are we going? south? north? >> east. generally we're headed east on this trip. a lot on mother's road.
6:22 pm
>> get your kicks on route 66 ♪ >> reporter: one of the first u.s. highways 1926, chicago to santa monica bringing dust bowlers out west in a drive for a better life. [ indiscernible ] >> it became a symbol of the american dream. >> reporter: martin smith is a professional photographer from london who travels the route taking picture. but now he is chronicling the demise of local towns who prospered during the heyday and fell into disrepair when the interstate bypassed them. >> i think it was a symbol of the american dream. now it's a symbol of the decline of it. >> i probably did it eight times. >> reporter: smith was a kid and his snowbird parents headed west from colorado. he now works at a route 66 museum in kingman, arizona. built along the route of trains living on route 66 these days means a lonely whistle. every 15 minutes. >> i first moved here i thought it was kind of neat.
6:23 pm
but then at 3 a.m. when you're sleeping it's not so neat. you know? >> reporter: some of the current speed limits are as slow as 25 miles per hour. we cruised it briefly met some nice people like ken an atlanta falcons fan. he saw our 49ers gear and wished us well. if we hadn't beaten his team in the nfc championship he might be off to the super bowl instead of us. >> we had you. >> yeah? >> i think the better team took it. >> he was a good sport. >> reporter: he really was but i'm sure glad it's us making this trip instead of him. road trip! ! you know, i realize now, i forgot winona. like the song says, and we were driving -- i asked my wife she was driving, to pull over in winslow, arizona, so i could stand on a corner in winslow arizona. i fell asleep, she went right by it so i didn't get that, either. on highway 20, i'm in within
6:24 pm
100 -- 100 miles of the louisiana border. i may be in new orleans tomorrow. >> you're almost there. stay out of trouble. talk to you soon. > i will do my best. coming up, a counterfeit crackdown in the bay area and beyond just two days before the super bowl. why the feds think fake gear like this is tied to drugs and violence. >> we have incidents where people bust their way into station agent booths appear beat them up. >> how a bay area transit agency plans to make things safer. >> they didn't accept a nickel. >> and how san franciscans saved new orleans from making a terrible mistake.
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it's not just the fans snapping it up. it's also the feds. it's all part of a nationwide super bowl merchandise is flying off bay area streets but it's not just the fans snapping it up. it's also the feds. its part of a nationwide crackdown on nfl knockoffs but cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains, the
6:28 pm
record-breaking bust may also be putting a dent in the illegal drug trade. >> reporter: there are holograms and labels with logos that make them look like the real thing but these jerseys are counterfeit. >> it get better every year. >> even the experts at department of homeland security had trouble telling if they were fake. >> we have had experts from the nfl assist us in identifying whether this is authentic. >> reporter: well, this was not. it was confiscated as part of a nationwide crackdown dubbed operation red zone. as the feds now believe fake merchandise like this is funding mexican drug cartels. $13.6million worth of fake sports merchandise has been seized over the past five months along with evidence that the cartels are using counterfeits to launder money and expand illegal activities. while finding the stuff is easy --it's being sold all over downtown san francisco -- stopping the sellers is not. >> don't touch my camera.
6:29 pm
>> please don't film my table. >> reporter: and found others selling nearby the very next day. something the feds say is all too common. >> experience yesterday i was coming out of a restaurant from lunch and a guy set up a table in front of me piled a bunch of this stuff on the table and started selling it. >> reporter: now none of the local street vendors with counterfeit merchandise are facing charge. they are a low level part of the counterfeit world. the feds have shut down more than 300 websites and warn while fakes are cheaper than licensed merchandise, they can contain dangerous dyes and chemicals, as well. >> are we just talking sports merchandise? >> no, all counterfeits. designer purses, clothing, sunglasses. they believe a lot of it will fund illegal cartels. >> thank you. in new orleans, most of the super bowl activities are around the downtown and the
6:30 pm
french quarter but that isn't stopping some small businesses elsewhere if the city from cashing in. business leaders say the super bowl's exact financial impact on small business won't be clear until after the game. but they say it extends beyond the areas that most visitors will see. >> this isn't just that the tourism sector of the city. that's very important. but in order to make that happen, there are countless small businesses that are participating. >> the business council says they are already thinking about the city's next super bowl bid. they are hoping that it can coincide with the city's tricentennial and that's in 2018. many new orleanians say they owe san franciscans a big thank you. michelle griego found out it's because of how their city looks today. >> reporter: when people around the world think of the vieux carre they think of scenes like this but it almost looks like this. >> we're not talking about a highway. we're talking about an act of barbarism.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: it would stand 40 feet tall and six lanes wide 3.5 miles of it running between the mississippi river and the city's iconic st. louis cathedral. [ church bells ] >> jackson square, the highway. gone. no access to the river. it's over. >> reporter: and the damage wouldn't end there. >> all you see in front of us, all these trees, all the grassy grounds are gone. this is an up ramp to an elevated highway. >> both the mayor, the governor, the city council, all wanted that elevated highway in the worst way. >> reporter: so a small group of new orleanians went to war. >> we were the underdogs. >> reporter: until reinforcements arrived from san francisco. >> they wouldn't accept a nickel. they came on their own to save the city of new orleans from an elevated highway based on their experience in san francisco with the embarcadero. never seen anything like it. >> reporter: the san francisco brigade's best weapon, one single image.
6:32 pm
>> we had a photograph of the embarcadero as it passed in front of the ferry building in san francisco. and we juxtaposed a drawing that we did of the vieux carre riverfront expressway elevated in front of jackson square and we sent this out as a christmas card all over america. >> reporter: with that shot, the project was defeated. the tide of urban freeways was turned. and new orleans was saved. >> we owe san francisco big time. >> reporter: as for the embarcadero freeway -- >> san francisco doesn't want to be walled in or walled up from our waterfront. >> reporter: a demolition project new orleans never had to bother with. >> for me to be able to sit on this balcony with cocktails in the afternoon and look out and know that that concrete up ramp is not here and that the trees are here, the grounds are here, it makes the old-fashioned
6:33 pm
taste better than it would ordinarily. >> michelle griego continues our team coverage from new orleans tonight at 11:00. and we'll hear from dennis o'donnell again later in this newscast. coming up, protecting passengers from troublemakers. >> we have people that chronically are unruly to our patrons on the trains. >> how a bay area transit agency is on track to make your ride more comfortable. >> and how the super bowl is causing 49ers fans to act differently these days. >> i promised i wouldn't get another shirt. >> only the 49ers baby cbs in the house.
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6:35 pm
it only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch... and one bad bart rider to spoil commute. well, it's a saying it only takes one bad apple to spoil
6:36 pm
the whole bunch and one bad bart rider to spoil your commute home but cbs reporter da lin explains, a new law could soon give all those commuter train troublemakers the boot. >> reporter: a record 114 million passengers took bart last year. despite its popularity some people abuse it. there is a facebook page that calls them out bart idiots hall of fame people walking on tracks, smoking, drinking. >> we have those who literally threaten our station agents daily. >> reporter: bart now has a new law called, a prohibition order to ban those people. >> we want to crackdown on repeat offenders who are violent, urinate in the system. >> reporter: three citations within three months and a person will be banned from the stations from 30 days to a year. beating up a passenger or a station agent once and you're
6:37 pm
out. up to a year. >> battery against a police officer. and we were granted a "stay away" order through 2014. >> reporter: right now it takes months for the d.a.'s office to get the orders. >> we'll be more comfortable. i think we'll feel more safe. >> reporter: a passenger attacks the station agent lisa foster a few years ago. she loves the new law. riders like it, too. >> improves the bart service and the quality of the experience for more passengers. >> reporter: how will bart enforce it and keep people out? station agents will be the first line of defense and will have prohibition orders with offender pictures. bart will hold community meetings to seek feedback. in oakland, i'm da lin, cbs 5. a new mural is in the
6:38 pm
mission in san francisco to honor the 49ers. and the fans. aptly titled the city bleeds gold. it's the work of local graffiti artists. they say they had to use rock climbing gear to complete the 30-foot masterpiece. this doughnut shop in the south bay is getting in on the super bowl fun. psycho donuts in campbell, love the name, is selling 49ers doughnuts with red icing and edible gold. they are selling baltimore doughnuts too featuring the faces of dazed football players, called ravens road kill. coming up, do you consider yourself superstitious? well, how some people in the bay area are behaving differently these days because of the 49ers. >> a lot of people crossing their fingers hoping for rainfall around here. not going to do any good. we are dry on cbs 5 hi-def doppler once again. i'll have your forecast for the next seven days and find out which magazine says we have the
6:39 pm
lamest winter in the country coming up. a hall of fame quarterback gives advice to colin kaepernick and cbs 5 has learned exclusively who the number one pick is going to be in this year's draft. that's coming up.
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there it is, getting ready for the big game on sunday. do you think what you do or don't do could somehow affect the outcome of the super bowl? if so you're not alone. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez asks 49ers fans about their superstitions. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> reporter: superstition in sports has been satirized in commercials and in the movies. but it's the real deal according to santa clara university's sports psychologist dr. jerry burger. >> superstition has been part of sports for probably as long as people have been playing games. >> reporter: in his research
6:43 pm
with professional athletes he found the unpredictable nature of sports makes them a breeding ground for superstition. and the bigger the game like the super bowl the more likely superstitions will come part of the game plan. >> football is a really good example of a kind of a sport that has a lot of uncertainty to it. it's a lot of luck involved. and so that's exactly the kind of situation that gets people playing. do all kinds of superstitious activities not only the players but also the fans. >> reporter: count jerry aguilar among the superstitious. >> i promised that i wouldn't get another jersey until we win another super bowl. >> reporter: how old is your last jersey? >> that was, what, '95? the 50th anniversary steve young. >> reporter: aguilar wears a baseball jersey. if you wore a football jersey, would you jinx the team? >> i have to wait for the win. >> reporter: former 9ers coach george seifert never walked on the team logo in the middle of the field. seemed to work for him. >> i guess the most outrageous
6:44 pm
example that i ran across was one baseball player who said he had been wearing the same athletic supporter for four years. >> reporter: is that your lucky bean any? are you going to wear that during the game? >> yes, i will be wearing it. >> reporter: most superstitious fans an players would say it can't hurt. in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. it was right over us at the ravens in san francisco zoo. zookeepers built boone the black rhino's breakfast in baltimore's image. they also spelled out go 9ers in carrots. boone, who is named for 49ers tackle alex the rhino boone, tackled the carrots first but probably because he like what they had to say or maybe he got confused. maybe he thought he was supposed to pick the super bowl
6:45 pm
winner. in honor of the 49ers you can adopt an adult cat for just $4 or choose from selected dogs for $9. they will even throw a photo of your new pet wearing 9er colors all the pets spayed, neutered and have microchips. 4 bucks. >> good weather here, great game over there. >> it can't rain until we win the super bowl again. that could turn out really bad. >> i don't know if you want to go that far. not going to rain before sunday, we are going to win the super bowl. >> 63 we'll be warmer here in the bay area than dennis and the crew will be in the big easy. chilly there tomorrow, 49 to start, 59 to finish and poor baltimore, snow, windy, 34 degrees. they will get an inch of fresh
6:46 pm
powder for them this winter. concord 62. oakland 62. upper 60s today. mid-50s in livermore, san francisco, san jose and santa rosa. we are trending a degree or two milder in the evening temperatures each day. pay no attention to the green you see down toward 101 and 280. that's some ground clutter. cbs 5 hi-def doppler is completely and utterly dry as we wrap up january. you will start february tomorrow morning on the chilly note again. concord, livermore, 38. fremont down to 41. 46 for pacifica, san francisco 47. not too abnormal but just your heater will likely turn over a couple times tonight and early tomorrow. this is the satellite and radar review. i want to show you that there is a lot of activity out there. we have a lot of stuff going on but all of the moisture that's moving in from the west pretty big storm right there basically hits a wall in the atmosphere. that wall is a dome of high pressure. winds flow: 00 wise around high pressure so once it hits the wall it gets transported north and ends up in places like
6:47 pm
washington, british columbia, oregon, not the bay area. with the high over us it's a shield keeping the moisture away from us. that's not going to change until the high decides to move or get shoved out. right now it looks like that will happen about next thursday. between now and then, the high stays. the moist stays to the north and we enjoy several more mainly dry days. clear nights, chilly too. sunny afternoons, absolutely through monday. we'll be mild mid- to uppe 60s. showers are coming. you will have to be patient until after we win the super bowl and until next thursday. concord 63 tomorrow five degrees above average, oakland 8 degrees above average. santa clara, 60s. sunny, chilly start mild finish. mid-60s in the tri-valley. san rafael tomorrow beautiful for a friday. sunshine 63. santa rosa 66. so many folks head up to wine
6:48 pm
country you picked a good weekend mid-60s tomorrow and saturday and sunday. speaking of sun, super bowl sunday, great weather, mid-60s. if rain is your fancy it will be great for you but not until next thursday. this is your cbs 5 forecast. we have more on this game coming up on sunday next.
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
career has skyrocketed in the last month... but one hall of fame welcome back, live in new orleans to super bowl 47. colin kaepernick's career skyrocketed in the last month but one hall of fame quarterback provides a cautionary tale and reminder, do not take the success for granted. >> came to see an offense and the wrong one showed up. >> reporter: the dolphins were held to a season low in super bowl xix. dan marino threw two interceptions and would never get back to the super bowl again in his hall of fame career. >> dan, when i look at you and colin kaepernick, there are some similarities in terms of you both got to the super bowl in your second year. what kind of advice could you give to the guy who might think he might be there 10 times before his career is over?
6:52 pm
>> you know what? i hope he is. i really do. my advice would be to have fun, embrace it, understand it. it's a unique opportunity especially you know a young kid like that that's only going to be his tenth start in the nfl. and don't take it for granted. i remember back i think i was 23 years old going to the super bowl had a lot of success my first two years and played in that game and thought i was going to be back three or four more times and win a super bowl. and none of that ever happened. so i would say if you have a young quarterback like colin kaepernick or any young player on that football team, understand the moment and how important it is and the history of it because you never know if you are going to get back again. >> reporter: meanwhile, the rest of the league searches for the next colin kaepernick and they may have found him at the nfl experience and that is where vern glenn joins us live. vern. [ laughter ] >> reporter: oh, dennis, boy,
6:53 pm
what a day! what a day for me! you know, if you want to be part of the nfl, you got to enjoy the nfl experience. >> go, go, go! >> reporter: for 21 years, it has been an nfl fan interactive theme park. check the arm strength of our cameraman don fernandez. impressive. something for everyone of all ages. >> whoo! >> neil, how do you feel. >> reporter: has true league talent ever been discovered here? >> when you drop a ball, that's like leaving money on the ground. >> hut! >> oh, man! >> and not bad -- not bad -- not bad. >> actual saints cheerleader?
6:54 pm
>> yes. >> whoo. look at that camera right there. you're on in san francisco right now. >> am i? >> hello, san francisco !! records is it harder than it looks? >> very hard. >> hope i don't get a nose bleed, man, from jumping so high. >> was it good enough? >> the 49ers select vern glenn runningback virginia. >> unbelievable! oh!! >> congratulations, vern! >> oh, man! >> oh, man. i'm still thinking about how i'm going to spend some of that bonus money when it's all said and done. that will do it for the nfl experience. we are going to let these kickers behind me take it right on on you, den. over to you. >> yeah. well, vern, experts make mistakes. i think you would have been an 8th round and don fernandez the
6:55 pm
photographer should have been the first overall pick. that's right, there isn't an 8th round. how about some golf going on right now? opening round of the waste management open in scottsdale. we have seen sausage races and president races in baseball but neither of those compare to a good old-fashioned caddy race. how about phil mickelson on fire. how about the final hole. putting for a birdie and 59, it lipped out. lefty can't believe it! he finished 60 with a four shot lead. amazingly a week from tonight, we will be at pebble beach and phil mickelson will be there as well for the first round of the at&t pro-am. time is flying. just three days away from the super bowl. ken, liz, back to you. >> yeah, tell vern not to quit his day job. [ laughter ] >> i didn't see much talent there, did you? >> he was working hard. >> not for lack of effort,
6:56 pm
that's for sure. >> that's right. >> exactly. >> 6-year-olds didn't have a cancer against him. [ laughter ] >> for news throughout the evening the latest is always on >> our next newscast is at 10:00 on the cw 44/cable 12. and you can see see us back here tonight at 11:00. >> we got the super bowl on sunday! captions by: caption colorado od this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive.
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look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. announcer: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how's everybody doing today? ha ha. thank you very much. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody! i'm your man steve harvey! just like always you know what, we got a good one
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for you today. returning for their fourth day, with a total of $21,595, it's the boys out of everett, washington--it's the pawlak family! [cheering] steve: and, oh, boy, a place i love--soon to be home--chicago illinois, it's the stone family! [cheering] steve: let's go. give me pat. give me brian. let's play "feud." ["family feud" theme playing] steve: fellas, here we go. top 5 answers are on the board. name something you'd never want to fall asleep while doing. brian? >> having sex. steve: having sex. >> that's true. that's true. steve: having sex. >> "poke-n-ride." ha ha ha! steve: one answer top it, pat. >> driving a car. steve: driving a car. >> what are we gonna do?! steve: pass or play? they're

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